About me

Hi! I’m Sven—a design generalist working at the intersection of design, strategy, and research. Most recently I worked at the central departement of User Experience BOSCH, tackling challenges in the field of prototyping and design research. I completed my bachelor's degree in Internet of Things at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd. I love getting to the bottom of problems and breaking down complex structures into their individual parts. With the background of my studies I was able to gain an understanding of modern technologies and their interrelations in networked systems. With the competences in the two areas IT and Design it is possible for me to form a key position in interdisciplinary teams. At the moment I am looking for a new challenge as a UX designer based in Berlin.

My strengths are user-centric design and rapid prototyping.
I would like to support conception and development processes with new ideas and a young creative point of view. I can record the results with fast prototypes, communicate them in a tangible way and make them verifiable in order to find the optimal solution for complex digital systems in an iterative process.

More information about me can be found on my profiles on LinkedIn or Xing.