Javascript Arcade Game

Cuberunner is a progressive highscore arcade game where you have to guide a cube with left and right control commands through an endless tunnel paved with obstacles.


Our team decided to continue the design of the classic retro games with clear lines and few colours. A special feature is the faked 3 dimensional effect which is created by running towards a centered vanishing point. The basic structure of our game consists of several different arrays into which patterns consisting of ones or zeros are pushed. This creates accessible fields or fields where the game ends. Another clue in our game mechanics is the function which rotates the playing field when you run out of the lower fields of the tunnel. A rotation animation gives you the feeling that the dice would continue to run on the side fields, but in this case the states of the arraylists are exchanged with each other.


For the control we used a Makeymakeyboard, which we connected to push buttons via plug-in boards. These we fitted into a deep-drawn control board. As keys we made our Cuberunner logo out of synthetic resin and painted it black. The control board was optically integrated into the design of the Eiermann table and almost completely disappeared into the playing surface.