Intelligent Crane Control System


ICCS is a construction crane operating system which, by connecting to a digital five-dimensional construction plan, offers the crane operator the possibility of having delivery processes carried out semi-automatically.

Initial situation

In recent years, the crane operator's field of work has changed in such a way that he can now control the crane from the ground instead of from the cabin using a radio remote control. This change in position has the advantage that the crane operator himself acts as a worker on the construction site. However, due to the lack of an overview from above, the crane operator has to travel long distances in his daily work.

Intelligent Crane Control System

The construction plan database feeds the target coordinates of the individual resources into the crane system. By the conversion from polar to cartesian coordinate system and the position determination of its crane hook the crane can move independently between defined start and destination points.
We developed an operating concept which enables the crane operator to coordinate and carry out the deliveries without accompanying the delivery to its destination.
The concept is based on a subdivision of the goods movement into "long distance travel", which is automatically taken over by the crane system, and "precise positioning" of the delivery in a defined spatial area around the target coordinate.



ICCS was developed in close cooperation with all stakeholders involved in the construction. Over the course of the design process, we gathered experience from workers on the construction site, informed ourselves about the latest innovations at BAUMA Munich and verified our development status several times with the development department of a leading crane manufacturer.


To illustrate our idea and to be able to test the developed with users, we created a Clickprototype in Framer. On the basis of this we depicted the user flow. Furthermore, we programmed a 3D animation with the help of the Javascript framework three.js which we used to visualize the control of the crane.


Final screendesign