User Experience Design


Live is a redesign of the current proceeding with a mass attack of injured.

State of the art

Mass casualties are defined as a situation in which more than 10 people are injured. The injured are divided into categories for efficient treatment and coordination, according to the severity of their injury. This is nowadays done with triage cards which are hung around the neck of the patients.


Our redesigned system consits of 4 components:

LED bracelet

Waterproof silicone bracelet with embedded battery, NEO pixels and a unique RFID tag. At the upper end there is a recess in which a bluetoothmodule can be inserted and fixed with to magnets.


Registration bag

Bag with an RFID reader and a WIFI-capable microcontroller. This reader continuously checks which wristbands are in the pocket.


Categorization module

The categorization module is a small bluetooth capable device that can be attached to the bracelet with magnets. In this way, a paramedic can make a patient's wristband glow wirelessly in the specific category color.



The interface consists of a five-column table. All registered patients are classified into these groups. The columns are: New, SK1, SK2, SK3 and treated. Each registered patient is displayed as an icon with the corresponding ID in the table. On click you can edit a patient. Depending on the color you chose the bracelet blinks. Depending on the class you choose, the patient's wristband glows in the same color, so that the patient can be directly assigned and correctly processed by all other paramedics.