people embracing analog communication

Eight o’clock in the morning, central station Stuttgart, track 15, train direction Aalen, delay 30 min, all people are looking at their smartphone screens, nobody talks to each other. A scenario that sounds familiar to everyone. Three students of the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd have had enough of this. Their critical design project "peac" shall draw attention to the increasing loss of empathy and offer an alternative.

What is peac?

„peac - people embracing analog communication" is an app that brings people back to analog communication. With the help of a smartphone you can define up to five relevant topics you want to talk about and set off as usual. The smartphone uses a Bluetooth low energy connection to search for other users in your environment who have selected matching topics. You decide whether you want to be connected to identical, similar or random topics. When a hit is found, the app notifies users by displaying asynchronous waves on the smartphones or on a paired wearable. As you approach each other, the waves continue to synchronize until you find the other person and the wavelength matches. In the end, nothing stands in the way of a conversation because you can be sure that both parties have a desire for a conversation and at least one thing in common.

Why peac?

Due to the increasing shift of people's communication to digital channels, a clear loss of empathy can be noted. Filter algorithms are increasingly pushing us back into a bubble and we are losing sight of the world around us. In the long run, this behavior will lead us to a dog-eats-dog mentality and a degeneration of social skills. But this problem can be solved by exchanging ideas and thoughts in a personal and analogous way. For example by talking to random people. peac brings together people who are ready to deal with new ideas, attitudes, views or topics of conversation. Expanding horizons lead to more acceptance and a better coexistence of society. Let’s have a conversation.