Networking bottle


Sociale is a networking bottle which opens its closure via an RFID connection and simultaneously exchanges the deposited business cards.

One week design sprint

The project "SociALE" was developed in a Hackathon workshop during the laboratory week of the university of design Schwäbisch Gmünd under the theme "use things better together". Our group, which consisted of Josh Cornau, Sven Barth, Luca Stetter and Fabian Seeger, decided to develop a networking beer bottle, which should make drinking more social.
For this purpose, in our first development phase, we wanted to equip two beer bottles each with an RFID scanner and an RFID chip. If you cheers or better say scan the chip of the other bottle, the bottle should open a cap for a certain time using a mounted servomotor and then close it again. When we developed this usecase so far, we tried to develop application areas for this case and to extend our application with additional features.

Here we came to the case of a trade fair. The visitors of the exhibition place their data in advance on the website of the trade fair, like a business card with links to their social networking profiles such as Xing, Facebook etc. Each visitor receives a personalized "SociALE" bottle at the entrance and visits the trade fair visitors.

If you push with someone, the bottle opens for a time window of 5 minutes, while the data of the conversation partners are transferred to the bottle of the counterpart via the RFID connection. The opening mechanism is limited to a single time, i.e., Users are practically forced to network. At the end of the trade show, visitors can read out the contact data they have collected via the database via a MySQL database.