How many wolfis do you know?

#Wolfi is a socio-critical film project that deals with the topic of fake news and profiles in social networks.

Stealing like an artist

#Wolfi is a socio-critical project, which was created during the International Seminar Week of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd, in the workshop "stealing like an artist". Within one week we worked in a team of four students from different courses and semesters to derive methods from art on a topic of our choice. We decided to do a project on fakenews and social media. As a goal we set ourselves a medium which should sensitize the users of social networks to misinformation.

Who is the big bad wolf

In the further course of the project, we created fake profiles of an imaginary randomly generated student "Lukas Wolf" and maintained his profile in various social networks. We made it our task to win as many university members as possible as friends and to generate high reach. We shot and edited an educational video, which should contain the course of the project and the message to be conveyed. At the final presentation, our video was shown in the auditorium in front of the assembled university, when the fake profile was uncovered, an appreciative murmur went through the crowd, students, staff, professors had fallen for the fake profile and its with little effort generated content.